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Whether you’re looking for help in school or simply want to boost your knowledge and exam skills, there is nothing more effective than being taught by experienced, reliable Maths Tutors. We've been offering our services to learners of all ages in the Stanwell area and beyond for over a decade, and we're here to provide learners with the personalised attention they deserve so that they can reach their full academic potential.


CollisonDeih Educators are Specialist Mathematics Tutors. We offer a personalised learning experience designed to accommodate Learners of all levels- from Primary, through Secondary to Sixth form . We are well known for our ability to make learning Maths an enjoyable and rewarding experience for any learner, irrespective of their starting points.

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Tailored Consultancy

Our Educational Consultant specialises in providing advisory, mentoring and training services to individuals, schools and other stake holders. Gloria's service scope spans areas of Assessment & Examinations, as well as Teaching and Learning enrichment at all Key Curriculum Stages. A firm advocate of assessment processes that promote learning.


"I am so grateful for the lifetime skills that my daughter has gained through her lessons with Mrs. Collison. When she started her Maths tuition she was shy with no confidence. However Mrs. Collison patiently guided her to believe in herself & also the different methods she was shown in solving maths problems really made a great impact and great progress was made not just in maths but in her other GCSE subjects! I would therefore highly recommend Mrs. Collison to anyone looking for their child to excel in maths which will in turn have a positive effect on other subjects. Mrs. Collison's methods in teaching maths is outstanding!"

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